The Lenten season begins with Ash Wednesday and continues to Holy Thursday. The actual start of the season is determined on the celebration of Easter. Easter lands on the first Sunday following a full moon after the spring equinox (March 1st). Once Easter is found you count backwards 40 days of Lent not including Sundays and you will find Ash Wednesday.

So what does this mean for us Catholics? Traditionally this is a time for Abstinence, Penance, Sacrifice, Almsgiving and most of all Prayer.

The Catholic Church, in an attempt to help Catholics do at least a minimum during Lent, asks all Catholics to fast and abstain from meat on certain days. Fasting means to limit food to one full meal a day with the possibility of two smaller meals (not adding up to a full meal) as needed. Abstinence means not eating meat, although fish is allowed.

Catholics 14 years of age or older are to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and all the Fridays of Lent. Catholics between the ages of 14 and 59 are also to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. If one's work or health make it inadvisable fast or abstain from meat, they are not obligated to do so.

Although "sacrificing" things that you enjoy is a very good idea what is a better idea is to replace what you sacrifice. For instance - Give up your favorite TV show -fill that hour with prayer, reflection or quality communications with your family. Give up your entertainment of going out for dinner? - Increase your charitable giving of your time and donations.

Lenten Observances

Saint Benedicts offers a number of weekly Lenten activities we urge all to join in on.

  1. Friday evening we have a simple meatless dinner followed by a Lenten series by visiting speakers. Afterwards we have "Stations of the Cross"
  2. Movie night with Fr. John

and More..

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